Our Pledge

by Admin

We’ve all heard about how many shelters are full or overflowing. People are surrendering their pets due to landlord restrictions, behavior issues, and more at an alarming rate. Strays aren’t being reclaimed, and adoptions aren’t happening fast enough.

We know the problems are big, and we want to help.

HypePets was born out of a love for rescue animals, and our goal is to use our voice to help the voiceless. We want to elevate amazing rescue initiatives, help new adopters acclimate to their new pets, and assist existing owners in easing pet conflicts and behavior issues.

In addition, 5% of all HypePets’ profits will be donated to pet-saving projects. Each year, projects will be evaluated and hand-selected by our team to receive funding to achieve their goals!

Previously, we’ve assisted with multiple animal transports and medical fundraising. We look forward to moving the needle for more organizations and animals!

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